Wearlinq was founded to provide higher diagnostic yield for providers via 24/7 ECG recordings while empowering patients to better understand and track their heart’s health. As their trusted technical partner, Swenson He has assisted Wearlinq from conception, an initial launch, FDA submission, and full market launch. Throughout each stage of the lifecycle Swenson He has collaborated to define the technical architecture, design the UX/UI, manage multiple work streams, and create necessary FDA documentation. 

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Stanford Doctors
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Wearlinq set out to revolutionize the heart healthcare industry through the creation of a small, comfortable and accurate long-term wear ECG monitor, eWave, and mobile app companion. The mobile app empowers users with personalized insights based on their unique ECG data to help them learn more about their heart health and even connect with physicians – all from the comfort of their own home.

Making the complex simple

To create a companion app that provides instant interpretation of a users symptoms, Swenson He partnered closely with the team who was developing the eWave firmware technology. As we planned and developed the technical architecture, our engineers tackled every decision as an individual problem, with a sheer focus on intelligent design, precision, and efficiency. This culminated in collaborative and detailed technical specifications for the use of further firmware development and mobile application.


Creating a Seamless Experience

Focused on realizing Wearlinq’s vision, Swenson He kept the user experience at the center of our proven processes. User, competitor, and market research were utilized to help guide the creation of the user experience while keeping in mind the complex and serious nature of the healthcare application. By ensuring the user experience contained the same high level of quality and sophistication as the technical architecture we were able to create a cutting-edge, easy-to-use experience that allows users to keep a pulse on their heart’s health. 


Managing Multiple Work Streams

Swenson He utilized our deep understanding of agile development to ensure that all Wearlinq workstreams (architecture, strategy, design, firmware development, app development, QA, and FDA documentation) were working in a way to maximize efficiency. Detailed plans and timelines were created to help ensure various work streams did not create blockers for another. 

FDA Submission

From product requirements to UI and technical decisions FDA and HIPAA requirements were two of our guiding principles. The Swenson He team created over 100 pages of detailed product and technical documentation outlining requirements, risks, and rationale in accordance with FDA regulations. So that we could submit for 510(k) FDA approval. 




Market and user research

Core concept

Product structure

Product Roadmap

Technical Feasibility Studies


Tappable Prototype

Technical Specifications