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Merging the Gacha Game Craze with Ecommerce to Disrupt Both Industries

Gacha World


Gacha World wanted to create a new shopping experience that combined the popular Japanese game called Gacha with access to unique, rare and limited-edition products. The initial items would be authentic anime/K-pop merchandise imported to the US from Japan.



Targeting a large, young, passionate US consumer demographic with disposable income, Gacha World planned to disrupt a market that historically consists of fraudulent goods, long delivery times measured in weeks, and high prices due to current expensive distribution channels. In addition, Gacha World was a startup with no ERP system to handle the pick-pack-and ship warehousing of tens of thousands of unique SKUs. 

Our Solution

Swenson He designed and developed a new type of digital commerce app that blends gaming and shopping based on the famous Japanese Gacha machines. Users can buy in-app currency to play games and earn points to purchase prizes. Gacha World wanted the shopping experience to be seamless, so great care was taken to develop a state-of-the-art e-commerce user experience with a playful feel. We also guided them on which ERP system would best fit their requirements (NetSuite) and helped them set it up, while integrating their mobile app to seamlessly track orders from user shopping to backend shipping.

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We Delivered.


growth rate for average monthly users


initial viral downloads


more purchases from referrals than indus
“Their team has a lot of experience running businesses and launching startups. They gave us development and business advice, which I highly recommend listening to.”

Gacha World is the first app of its kind. It’s a groundbreaking e-commerce platform, approved for ages 4+, which is the first of its kind in the Shopping category. The app has a high acquisition and retention rate, with an average monthly user growth rate of 500%. And user retention and purchases from referrals are double the industry average.

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