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Thoughtful and comprehensive product strategy is critical to the success of your product.

We guide you through our proven product strategy process, leveraging our experience and best practices to help define your objectives, apply vigorous research, determine your core concept and ensure a valid product structure. We build your product roadmap to ensure your vision has a clear road to success.is is some text inside of a div block.

Define Objectives

For your project, we identify Success Criteria, initial Objectives and Key Result Areas (OKR), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We want to define and measure success so you can celebrate when you achieve it!

Market & User Research

We identify risks and opportunities by analyzing industry, competitors, legal requirements and potential technology applicability. Then we identify user personas, how their behaviors relate to product opportunities, and how features fit into those behaviors. Really knowing what your market is and who your users are sets the foundation for success.

Core Concept

We guide you through initial feature ideation, create core loop options, define user journeys, and do feasibility testing. We use quantitative and qualitative feedback and analytic insights to verify if the assumptions of ideal features, core loop and user journeys are well understood and engaging. You may not know what all this is, but we do. And this process is where successful products are made. Without it, well, good luck.

Product Structure

We do additional product research based on the Core Concept results. And we bring in our tech gurus to determine initial architecture, conduct tech research and identify challenges. Then we determine potential feature sets. By utilizing our tech experts in the Strategy process, we make sure the dreamer’s dreams can be realized. Your dream is now corroborated.

Product Roadmap

We define the product milestones, prioritize features, gather tech and design input, and generate a feature cadence process. Although we will define the needed launch features and timing, they will evolve and change based on consumer data insights and overarching business needs and priorities. Our Strategize Process culminates with a complete Product Blueprint. It was a lot of work, but you’re rewarded with THE plan for a successful product!


For cutting edge projects we perform a technical Feasibility Study to confirm the viability of your concept. Few firms can provide the level of deep analysis and technical know-how required to properly evaluate state-of-the-art concepts. We do it well. And then advise you on options and recommendations. What’s your idea?

Intuitive, elegant approaches focused on user experience make our products stand out.

Backed by market analysis and customer archetypes, our design services aim to maximize user acquisition and retention. Our scope of design extends from fast-growing startups to industry leading brands. We challenge the norms in designing your unique product to be, well, unique – and successful.

Branding Exploration

Our Design services include digital logo, color palette, and application of branding. We take great care in ensuring we capture what your brand means to you. Then we apply it to your product taking into consideration the unique perspective mobile and web products require.

User Experience (UX)

During the user interface design is when the real magic happens. We bring the wireframes, branding and user flows all together in full color, hi-fidelity screens. We think deeply about how to simplify and enhance the overall user experience using visual elements. The results are exciting as your product comes to life!

User Interface (UI)

During the user interface design is when the real magic happens. We bring the wireframes, branding and user flows all together in full color, hi-fidelity screens. We think deeply about how to simplify and enhance the overall user experience using visual elements. The results are exciting as your product comes to life!

Tappable Prototype

We create rich prototypes that often cannot be distinguished from real applications. Utilizing the approved UI designs, we connect screens together in a prototype tool that allows you to “simulate” screen to screen transitions, button taps and animations. The prototype is useful for investor pitches or user testing prior to developing the actual product. Depending on your needs, we will do extensive user testing research utilizing this prototype. And then make modifications as appropriate.

Comprehensive Manual

We build a comprehensive design manual that serves as the go-to resource for the brand, the product and the entire team. It includes detailed interaction and explanation of each page’s elements, as well as UI kits and a style guide for the brand. It ensures the designers, engineers and you stay aligned, and ensures a smooth transition from design to engineering.

Your deserve the best. Your product deserves nothing less.

Well-crafted software is precise, efficient, secure, scalable and stable -- mixed with a splash of creative genius. We approach the development of your project keeping this in mind. Following our custom agile process results in a high-quality product that works just the way you envisioned.

Our Craft

Over the years we have honed our custom agile development process that combines the best of classic Agile systems mixed with elements of Waterfall. This process allows us to follow a strict cadence structure that still allows for you to make decision changes later if needed. And by including the engineers early in our Circle 9 Process, we ensure your dream is feasible, before it’s too late.

Top Talent

Our experienced engineering team is comprised of dedicated experts that have that something extra. To be a Swenson He engineer, they have to make it through a rigorous filter process that identifies the cream of the crop. A cohesive team of the best talent just make better products.

Quality Assurance

Throughout your entire project, we are performing quality assurance, but nearing deployment it becomes even more important. We employ thorough manual quality assurance to make sure that builds are robust and bug free. Utilizing “Regression Testing” we test every feature in the application prior to launching the product. This means your product always works the way it should.


After getting sign off that the build has met specification and passed testing metrics, we deploy your product to the app stores and launch it to the world. Since acceptance by Apple and Google are subjective, it’s important to stay abreast of their requirements. We know what they allow and what they don’t. And we know how to quickly tweak your product when needed. We have a 100% success rate getting our clients’ apps accepted. With Swenson He, you’re in!

Any product can launch. Successful products evolve.

The long-term success of a robust product hinders on continuous product evolution. We ensure success by providing ongoing analysis, enhancements and improvements after the initial product launch. We evolve your product so you can evolve your business.


We continue to ask what’s working, what’s not and why. Then we provide recommended improvements for user testing. From these results you are armed with the knowledge to decide what enhancements and changes to implement.


Improvements, new features and modifications to existing functionality will keep your app ahead of the competition. Referencing your product’s roadmap from our Strategy process, you are armed with a planned rollout of great features that make your product even better. You retain your users and all is good.


Most of the applications we deploy need minimal maintenance. But some fixes may be needed due to browser and operating system updates, minor bug fixes related to edge cases, or planned server maintenance. We provide client support, maintenance, bug fixes, design changes, enhancements and consulting services. And you get peace of mind.

We stay with you. For as long as you want.

Custom software is not an isolated product. It interacts with changing hardware, operating systems and other integrations. Your product needs to keep up with these changes. To make sure you don’t feel isolated, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for your product - and for you.


At some point it might be appropriate to build your own team and take your product in-house. We don’t mind, because that means we did a great job to make your product a wild success. We work closely with your team to make that transition a smooth success by providing guidance, materials and access. And if you still need some help later on, we’re always here.

Let us guide you through your next project.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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407 N Maple Drive, Ground 1
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