Vessel Health is seeking to revolutionize at home healthcare. Their at home-assessment tests allow users to quickly understand their health and needs. Vessel needed a long term technical partner to complete and launch their native iOS app, build and launch their Android app, and rapidly develop multiple features and platforms to create a scalable ecommerce ecosystem, while supporting them in all aspects of the product (strategy, design and product requirements, development, maintenance and scalability). Our team is currently helping Vessel deliver the highest possible customer experience to their users while supporting the creation of their internal team.

Project KPIs

Time to onboard

1 week

Time to first build

2 weeks

# of releases

265 +

# of platforms built

6 Platforms

$ invested by SH capital


Transition plan

2 months

When it comes to personal health, information is everything.Vessel Health has created a revolutionary approach to help people understand and optimize their health through at-home assessment, personalized action plans, and ongoing progress monitoring. 

It’s as easy as one, two, pee… Pee on the Vessel test strip, scan it with your card, and unlock insights into your wellbeing. High cortisol? Create a stress relief plan using tried and true expert tips that are fully backed by science. 

Quality first, from start to finish,
without compromising

When Vessel approached Swenson He, they were looking for help to complete their new version of their iOS app. The goal was to immediately launch a version of the app to support existing customers who were about to receive their products in the mail. Vessel focuses on quality above all else and needed an app and user experience that could live up to those expectations. Our team of experienced engineers ramped up in under a week and delivered the first build 2 weeks later. Since then, Swenson He has continued to develop the native iOS and Android app as a trusted partner. Our responsibility evolved to encompass e-commerce, tooling, API, database infrastructure, and platform administration.

Building a scalable custom ecosystem

As a startup with a rapidly growing user base, Vessel utilized Swenson He to analyze and enhance their legacy platform. The goal was to reuse as much of their existing infrastructure in order to rapidly deliver critical feature sets without incurring further technical debt, while maintaining an aggressive delivery schedule. Between custom Shopify carts, the mobile app, computer vision for card analysis, tooling to enhance quality control, order fulfillment, and recurring payments, the Vessel ecosystem is now capable of scaling up to match growth.

Iterating to get the User Experience right 

After quality comes improvement. There is always room to do better, and Vessel and Swenson He share this common drive to pursue excellence. Each feature released was evaluated for performance, utilization and received customer feedback. This feedback resulted in multiple product and UI/UX tweaks and changes which in turn became more engagement, less customer support outreach, and higher app store ratings.


One for all and all for one

Swenson He was involved from very early on and saw the quality of the team and product. As trusted partners, we decided to take the relationship one step further and invest in Vessel through SH Capital, our very own investment fund.




Product structure and specifications

Product Roadmap and prioritization

Technical Feasibility Study

Implementation Strategy

UI/UX support

Tappable Prototypes





Release Management

Platform Administration