tiderC has a simple, but ambitious goal: to end food insecurity for college students in the United States. With that goal in mind tiderC joined our Founder Advisement Program and further partnered with Swenson He to define the strategy, marketing positioning, innovative UI/UX design, and ultimately create a mobile app that allows students to purchase food with their future income using their future income as collateral. 

tiderC disrupted and forever changed how food insecurity is resolved for college students. 


Removes the stigma associated with food insecurity


Built to scale to over 10,000 schools and restaurants across the United States


Provide a free meal to all new student members


Enables qualifying students to purchase $4,000/year worth of meals

tiderC is a mobile application centered around allowing college students to search for partner restaurants, order and received a meal while only paying for their meal after graduation. Using the app students and partner restaurants alike can track their transactions, balance, and any payments. 

Positioning the App

Creating and app can be challenging, but with over 5.7 million apps on the Google Play and Apple App stores positioning an app for success can be even harder. As a member of Swenson He’s Founder Advisement Program, tiderC met regularly with members of our dedicated, vertically integrated and specialized team who helped guide tiderC from conception to launch. The Swenson He team took special care to advise, create and coach tiderC on their market penetration and app positioning strategies while keeping in mind the unique stigmas that can be associated with food insecurity.


Supporting the positioning

In order to further support the newly planned app positioning, Swenson He created and implemented a prioritized roadmap of iOS and web features that provided breadth and depth to support tiderC’s unique goals within the market.


Aligning the UX and UI

The same attention to detail was also given to the design of each screen. From themes to colors to button placement, tiderC was designed with the end consumers (restaurants and students) in mind. Through multiple iterations and in-house testing Swenson He created a design ecosystem that further aided in the penetration strategy. 


“Swenson He’s willingness to help their customers expand their company is impressive.”

Charlie Huang — CEO, founder



Market and user research

Core concept

Product structure

Product Roadmap

Technical Feasibility Studies


Tappable Prototype

Branding Exploration