Stanford Medicine

is the world’s leading institution for medical innovation.

Type of Business

From robot-controlled microsurgeries to cutting-edge cancer therapies, Stanford is at the bleeding edge of technical innovation in healthcare. Realizing the massive opportunity for what mobile can do for their healthcare practice and also realizing they did not have the industry expertise to bring this to fruition, leading surgeons at Stanford approached Nick Swenson (Managing Partner of Swenson He) to develop a mobile application that would allow for much more efficient exchange of information between doctors and patients, in order to decrease unnecessary overhead and improve patient understanding. A leading contributor to anxiety about upcoming operations was a lack of tailored information for patients, but scheduling time to check-in on the preparation process added expensive overhead for doctors.

The Solution

Being in the medical arena, this project required specialized experience and qualifications, and Stanford turned to Swenson He for developing a next-generation tool. The first product of this partnership is a patient education app designed to guide patients through the process of preparing for a lymphedema treatment, from diagnosis to recovery. Doctors will be able to effortlessly guide patients from start to finish, providing valuable recommendations and useful information, without needing to schedule an in-person consultation.

“The Swenson He team has been awesome and incredibly patient during the creation of this masterpiece.”

Dung Nguyen, MD, Pharm.D — Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

The Results

In a field as complex and critical as medical treatment, an intuitive and reassuring interface is of utmost importance. Swenson He designers worked closely with physicians and potential patients to create a timeline of task cards that will accompany patients through every step of their treatment, allow them to track progress, and view information on upcoming milestones and procedures. We were able to navigate the regulatory measures inherent in the medical field, while still creating a convenient and informative user interface.