The Reach Project.

The Reach Project contacted Swenson He to build a platform for their latest initiative: feeding the “Invisible Aggies,” essential employees on the Texas A&M campus, who have been laid off due to Covid19. Their goal is to partner with restaurants in Austin Texas to provide meals for a reduced price to the Reach Project. The Reach Project then raises money to pay for the meals and provides them to Texas A&M workers who have been recently laid off. The platform allows the Reach project to manage coupon, restaurants and users. User can then receive coupons and order meals.


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Reach is a 501(c)(3) charity founded by Max Gerall, a Texas A&M student who befriended A&M’s invisible contract service employees, in particular Melissa Martinez, an on-campus dining hall cashier. Through their friendship he discovered the struggles faced by many of these ‘invisible aggies’ and the inequality between the two University communities. He chose to take action and founded Reach. Their mission is to “provide the resources required to help all members of the community acquire the skills and assets needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency, build transgenerational wealth, and prevail over the obstacles preventing them from achieving their fullest potential”.

Meals distributed using the platform as of June 18 2020

Thanks so much. 

You all did a fantastic job.

Max Gerall — Founder

Thanks so much. 

You all did a fantastic job.

Max Gerall — Founder

Thinking outside the box

For this project, time was of the essence: The Reach Project needed a solution that would be accessible to all users across multiple devices as soon as possible. Our team recommended using the Zoho Cloud Software Suite. This allowed Swenson He to quickly develop a custom, robust and scalable solution, which in turn allowed The Reach Project to quickly launch and start making an impact.



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Core concept

Product structure

Product Roadmap

Technical Feasibility Study

Platform creation and release

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