Gacha World

Gacha World is a new gamified shopping experience based on the famous Japanese Gacha machines. Swenson He designed and developed a new type of digital commerce app that blends gaming and shopping: users can buy in-app currency to play games and earn points to purchase prizes. Gacha World wanted the shopping experience to be seamless, so great care was taken to develop a state-of-the-art e-commerce user experience, but with a playful feel.



Gacha World is the first app of its kind. They wanted to create a new shopping experience that combined the popular Japanese game called Gacha with access to unique, rare and limited-edition products. The initial items would be authentic anime/K-pop merchandise imported to the US from Japan. Targeting a large, young, passionate US consumer demographic with disposable income, Gacha World planned to disrupt a market that historically consists of fraudulent goods, long delivery times measured in weeks, and high prices due to current expensive distribution channels.

Ground breaking

Gacha World attained a “Shopping” categorization approved for ages 4+, the first of its kind in that category! 

High user acquisition rate

With an average number of users monthly growth rate over 500%, Gacha World is targeting 1 million users in its first year!

High referral purchases rate

Purchases from referrals are at a rate more than double the industry average!

High user retention rate

Gacha World is maintaining a user retention rate almost double the industry average!

Careful planning skills, expert knowledge, a great culture and superior design and development chops make them easy to choose for critical projects.

Kaz — Founder



Market and user research

Core concept

Product structure & roadmap

Technical Feasibility Study

Initial UI/UX

Tapppable prototype

Comprehensive manual

Lottie animation support

Platform creation and release



QA & submission

Hand-off transition