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Sho_w. is a one-of-a-kind product conceptualized by innovators in 
e-commerce and social media.

Type of business
First and foremost a community born from the vision of its two co-founders, Derek Siegel and Mateo Moreno de Alborán, Sho_w. exists at the intersection of e-commerce and social media, a groundbreaking vision for what tomorrow's mobile app can be. The desire to adventure and explore is innate to the basic human identity, and the founders, who personally embody these qualities, set out to find a partner that could help them bring their vision to life. Sho_w combines the desire to share inspiring experiences with the ability to equip oneself to experience these adventures firsthand.
The solution
The founders are self-proclaimed disrupters and rule breakers who are looking to transform the way that users interact and shop, and thus this partnership required the highest levels of collaboration and mutual understanding to achieve. Our designers created a highly impactful user interface centered around the client's values of simplicity, community, and transparency, where users can upload creative videos and tag their gear. The members of the community can subsequently share in the experience by purchasing that gear directly from the Sho_w. marketplace or in local shops.
"There is a really close connection between them and our project, which makes our relationship more compelling."
Derek Siegel— Founder and CEO
The results
Sharing in Derek and Mateo's unique vision allowed this partnership to perform at the highest levels of collaboration and efficiency. Throughout the process, every design decision and component interface was thoroughly evaluated for brand equity and performance, with input from stakeholders ranging from vendors to users to engineers. The areas of work spanned various disjunct fields, such as visual design, high-volume data requirements, and robust yet extensible e-commerce, yet the final product exemplifies Swenson He's proficiency in all areas of the product lifecycle.