is a movement that is helping people love and accept themselves.

Type of Business

Created by the Wiser Women (three sisters and their mom), Womaze is a movement that is helping people love and accept themselves — so they can bring that same love and acceptance to the world. They approached Swenson He to create an app centered around mental health, self-care, relationships and self-empowerment. It’s a “toolbox for life” with channels on self-love, body image, mental health, relationships, spirituality and more.

The Solution

Our team at Swenson He developed a mobile content platform for Womaze, which gave users the option to upload their own advice or art, while discovering stories within a mutually supportive community of women. We even integrated an iMessage component that allows users to share Womaze content with their friends, which has increased the app’s reach and engagement.

The Womaze app has fostered a community of women passionate about learning from one another as well as sharing their own stories to inspire others.

The Results

In addition to boasting a 5-star rating on the App Store, Womaze has cultivated a meaningful sisterhood of women that share their stories, and in a multitude of forms—from art, video, song, or words. As a multimedia content-sharing app that allows users to generate their own content, the platform is both functionally seamless and beautifully designed—both aspects being critical to retaining the myriad of content creators on the platform.