Power Music

is a fitness revolution set to the beat of customizable playlists and technology.

Type of Business

Power Music seeks to revolutionize the fitness sector through their workout music products tailored to everyone from the instructor looking for the perfect playlist to the novice searching for some gym motivation music. However, their original technology failed to capture the innovation of Power Music’s mission. The Power Music team came to Swenson He with an out-of-date, monolithic infrastructure put together by multiple developers that did not match the vision of the founders.

The Solution

The Power Music team entrusted Swenson He with the task of overhauling their technology’s architecture, improving all features, and streamlining the user experience. Applying our design expertise and engineering talent, our firm took on the task of simplifying the existing code to produce a performant, beautiful product.

The Results

Our firm delivered iOS and Android apps with a brand-new design that captured the vision of the Power Music team and succeeds in providing workout music for a diverse audience.