is a groundbreaking arena that gives the entertainer in all of us the ability to showcase our innate creativity and versatility.

Type of Business

Scenebot has been at the forefront of a new generation of talent discovery platforms, using the ubiquity and ease of mobile apps to facilitate connections between aspiring talent and those looking to discover the next superstar. With the initial success of Scenebot Stage (another Swenson He project), Scenebot approached us with a brand-new concept, ACTually, a revolutionary app that gives users the ability to create high quality, compelling short films that can be shared to a broad audience.

The Solution

Given the competitiveness of the viral social media landscape, Scenebot knew that in order for ACTually to be a success, it had to combine unique, inspired design with flawless technical execution. With that in mind, Scenebot selected Swenson He’s expertise in the areas of visual design and robust, scalable systems to help realize their vision. Painstaking effort would need to be put into perfecting the look and feel of the app, and cutting-edge technologies such as realtime video processing and augmentation would be utilized to truly differentiate this concept from anything else on the market.

“If I ever need anything, it is addressed immediately, which is incredible.“

Stuart Alexander — Founder and CEO

The Results

Our team of designers and engineers rose up to meet the challenge, producing a mobile app that is beautiful, easy to use, and achieves the ambitious goal of captivating a young audience keen on establishing their name in the industry. Users can act out preloaded scripts, create their own unscripted videos, and even invite other users to collaborate. The “fun” and colorful experience enriches this outlet for the ACTually community to thrive and share their endless creativity, imagination, and talent.