We bring startup efficiency & agility

to your innovative healthtech app.

No two healthcare apps are the same. Creating an healthcare oriented startup can be a maze of regulatory, technological and product challenges. Our team is here to help you successfully navigate these challenges from start to finish.

Not just an industry, a practice

More than any other industry, the healthtech space requires experience and knowledge. Our commitment goes beyond simply keeping up with latest trends. Our internal practice is dedicated to building our knowledge, network, and achieving the best results for you.


Leveraging our experience in the health space, our team can guide you through product strategy based on your needs to help define your objectives, apply vigorous user research, determine your core concept and ensure a valid product structure. We can help you validate or build your product roadmap, incorporating all regulatory steps, to ensure your vision has a clear road to success.


We take security and private health information seriously. Using a combination of security best practices including AES-256 encryption and TLS 1.3, the solutions we create are built with privacy in mind. Using the HITRUST standard as an underlying set of guidelines, our approach allows us to use common programming languages and scalable cloud hosting providers while staying HIPAA compliant.



Our Healthcare practice is well versed in the requirements and testing needed for building internet connected hardware. From designing and developing low-energy Bluetooth mobile applications to submission of documentation for government mandated regulatory programs (i.e. FDA 510(k)) through verification and validation of firmware, we take pride in supporting our clients through the approval process.


Cross Team Collaboration

Already have a codebase or proof of concept? Our team can quickly ramp up and build upon what you have. And once you are ready to bring it all in house, we will implement a transition plan support your efforts to build an internal team.

Network and Knowledge

We constantly cultivate strong relationship with our network of doctors and regulators and cultivate our knowledge in order to better serve your needs.

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