You deserve the best.
Your product deserves nothing less.

Well-crafted software is precise, efficient, secure, scalable and stable -- mixed with a splash of creative genius. We approach the development of your project keeping this in mind. Strictly following our custom agile process results in a high-quality product that works just the way you envisioned.

Our Craft

Our unique process makes a difference.

Over the years we have honed our custom agile development process that combines the best of classic Agile systems mixed with elements of Waterfall. This process allows us to follow a strict cadence structure that still allows for you to make decision changes later if needed. And by including the engineers early in our Circle 9 Process, we ensure your dream is feasible, before it’s too late.

Top Talent

Be the best.

Our experienced engineering team is comprised of dedicated experts that have that something extra. To be a Swenson He engineer, they have to make it through a rigorous filter process that identifies the cream of the crop. It’s no wonder Google and Amazon continue to recruit our engineers. A cohesive team of the best talent just make better products.

Quality Assurance

Make sure it works - every time.

Throughout your entire project, we are performing quality assurance, but nearing deployment it becomes even more important. We employ thorough manual quality assurance to make sure that builds are robust and bug-free. Utilizing “Regression Testing” we test every feature in the application prior to launching the product. This means your product always works the way it should.


3-2-1 Blast-off!

After getting sign off that the build has met specification and passed testing metrics, we deploy your product to the app stores and launch it to the world. Since acceptance by Apple and Google are subjective, it’s important to stay abreast of their requirements. We know what they allow and what they don’t. And we know how to quickly tweak your product when needed. We have a 100% success rate getting our clients’ apps accepted. With Swenson He, you’re in!

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