Intuitive, elegant approaches focused on user experience make our products stand out.

Backed by market analysis and customer archetypes, our design services aim to maximize user acquisition and retention. Our scope of design extends from fast-growing startups to industry leading brands. We challenge the norms in designing your unique product to be, well, unique – and successful.

Branding Exploration

Be recognized.

Our Design services include digital logo, color palette, and application of branding. We take great care in ensuring we capture what your brand means to you. Then we apply it to your product taking into consideration the unique perspective mobile and web products require.

User Experience (UX)

Creating an enticing experience.

We create User Flows that explore how users plan to interact with your product. And we develop a Hierarchy to think how your product should best be organized. We utilize low-fidelity wireframes focusing on navigation and screen transitions to illustrate how an app should be structured. This all leads to an engaging experience that keeps users using your product.

User Interface (UI)

Making it magical.

During the user interface design is when the real magic happens. We bring the wireframes, branding and user flows all together in full color, hi-fidelity screens. We think deeply about how to simplify and enhance the overall user experience using visual elements. The results are exciting as your product comes to life!

Tappable Prototype

It feels real.

We create rich prototypes that often cannot be distinguished from real applications. Utilizing the approved UI designs, we connect screens together in a prototype tool that allows you to “simulate” screen to screen transitions, button taps and animations. The prototype is useful for investor pitches or user testing prior to developing the actual product. Depending on your needs, we will do extensive user testing research utilizing this prototype. And then make modifications as appropriate.

Comprehensive Manual

Keeping it consistent.

We build a comprehensive design manual that serves as the go-to resource for the brand, the product and the entire team. It includes detailed interaction and explanation of each page’s elements, as well as UI kits and a style guide for the brand. It ensures the designers, engineers and you stay aligned, and ensures a smooth transition from design to engineering.

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