Sep 01, 2016

While mobile is becoming an increasingly crucial part of every aspect of our lives (and even more so in business), surprisingly few companies have a long-term mobile marketing strategy.

Even though 56% of traffic to the leading U.S.-based websites was from mobile devices in 2015, only 20% of companies have a mobile marketing strategy that extends into the next 12 months. This is a very surprising figure considering the importance of connecting with your customers and user experience.

If you don’t think mobile is important or relevant to your business–think again:

  • Facebook wants its advertisers to be better on mobile: advertiser websites that don’t perform well (too slow, not mobile friendly, etc.) will not appear as often on Facebook
  • Verizon just joined T-Mobile and killed overage fees
  • Mobile-ad spend by brands will outpace that of offline marketing channels in 2016
3 simple steps to get started


Here are a few simple tips to be on the right path and in the proper mind-set that will lead to a mobile marketing strategy somewhere down the line.

1. Making your website mobile-friendly and compatible

While it is rare that a website isn’t mobile friendly these days it is important to make sure that it is and on as many devices as possible. It is also very important to think about the user experience as it should be seamless. While designing/adapting the website one should wonder how a customer would use it, what they would be looking for, if it is easily accessible etc. 61% of consumers state that if they are not able to locate a product using their mobile device, they will turn to a competitor (Entrepreneur).

2. When going mobile friendly, beware of the temptation of the “wow factor”

While launching a mobile app is often tempting, launching an app for the sake of having one is not beneficial at all. It will be a costly operation that will ultimately be useless as it will not increase leads. Just like a website, a mobile app should be centered around the user interface and experience.

3. Find and use the right keywords

Keywords are very important for anything online but with mobile it is useful to remember to add location to the keywords when relevant. When using their phones, people often search locally.

Other things to think of include mobile payment, sales and offers etc.

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