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Online commercial transactions—whether through retail apps or on the web—are increasingly gaining traction. In 2014 alone, the use of retail mobile apps rose by 174%. Mobile apps have the power to elevate the customer’s shopping experience as well as retailer revenue.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the network that connects your system and devices—from wearables to connected cars, TVs, or coffee makers, our world is becoming increasingly “smart” and Internet-connected.

In the last decade, healthcare has moved towards electronic medical records (EMR). EMR systems traditionally have poor interfaces that are difficult to use; providing a simple and easy user experience for both patients and providers is now a top priority for hospitals and practices across the country.

Our key to success is based in our engineering team, which fields MIT-trained engineers with experience from top technology companies and institutions. As a firm, we have institutionalized our Final 1%™ method—at every step, our engineers ask themselves what more can be done to improve the quality of their build. This manifests itself daily, and challenges our team to remain curious & true to their passion—always questioning the limits of what technology can achieve.

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After an initial consultation, a project manager will work with our UI/UX experts to prototype wireframes that convey user interface logic and behavior. Once goals are aligned, our engineers will start development and testing to bring your idea to life. We provide analytics and maintenance to ensure your product continues to achieve key performance goals.

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Our project managers customize their teams to achieve results in the most intelligent, effective and efficient way possible. No resource ever goes to waste; we leverage each engineer’s talent and skillset for maximum output.


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