Hitch Radio

Type of business

Hitch Radio is a well-funded music technology startup based in Santa Monica, California that enables users to search for audio content across 20,000 radio stations in real time. The platform also provides live broadcast radio streaming and sharing for users.

The solution

Swenson He engineers built a scheme for the database in order to understand how the app could function within its new location. We analyzed the existing infrastructure in order to visualize an image of exactly what technology solution was needed. After designing the architecture of the backend system and database schema for the data being migrated, we implemented a solution that not only improved reliability and scalability but significantly decreased the overall cost of hosting.

Benefits to our solution


The results

Based on our analysis and planning, there was actually no need to migrate the entire infrastructure; rather, we built a smaller and more targeted component for the Hitch Radio app that significantly increased user retention. As proponents of the Final 1%TM method, Swenson He is always looking for the fastest, smartest, and most efficient solutions for our clients.

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